Gedicht Your bird-of-paradise van Zoscha Lindner

My dear love


Follow the light

to this heavenly paradise

where energy flows,

where love grows

where you can fly like a bird

in silence and peace

where love you will bring

whatever you want

where the sweet nectar

of temptation flows

like a waterfall in the spring

that feeds the pond of love

for millions of years

where in the colours

of the rainbow

butterflies float

on wings of happiness

my love is deeper than the ocean

stronger than the light you ever saw

I am the energy

that brings your body and mind

everything it wants and needs

you will sleep in my heart

I will carry you with my wings

so, you can fly over mountains

I will cover you with my love

and protect you from all harm

Our time together in this life

will be like an oasis in the dessert

that gives sparkling water

whenever we are thirsty

I met you already long ago

before the mountain

was covered with snow

before someone ever saw

your shadow in the sunlight

I met you so many times

on earth and even more

in dimensions where energies

silent merge in peace and love

for ever, until the end of time


Your bird-of-paradise

Zoscha Linder



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